Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems

A Well Watered Lawn Is A Healthy Lawn

A well-designed, properly installed and appropriately maintained irrigation system (sprinkler system) can be the most efficient way to keep a landscape healthy. The benefits of an automatic irrigation system include:

  • Reduced labor for watering convenience
  • Full landscape coverage
  • Controllers that allow easy operation for overnight or early-morning watering
  • Added value to your home or business property
  • Minimized plant loss during drought

The irrigation industry is quickly developing with new technology to make irrigation more proficient. “Smart” technology, like systems with flow controlled nozzles, climate based controllers, and automatic shutoffs. These are beneficial and even required for irrigation systems in some areas. With irrigation systems that deliver precisely the right amount of water at the right time to lawn, plants, and trees; you can be assured of environmentally sound and effective results. The irrigation industry offers reliable options and affordable technology for water conservation and efficient water distribution to protect your landscaping investment.

AgriScapes will design and install residential or commercial irrigation systems (sprinkler system) compliant to local code with optimizing water usage. In addition, we provide irrigation system repair, winterization and spring start-up.

Sprinkler System Estimate

We will schedule a time to meet you in person so that we can introduce ourselves and discuss your specific watering needs. We will also ask if there are any plans in the future to modify your existing landscape such as adding a swimming pool, patio, or any other hardscape surface. This is important because we can design our system so that future modifications will be simpler and less expensive.

Once the watering needs have been determined, we check the static water pressure, the meter size, and location. This is very important because no two houses are the same. These numbers will allow us to determine how much water we can use, what size pipe, valves and what type of sprinkler heads to use, and the best possible way to lay out the sprinkler system.

Now that we know how much water we have to work with, we will do a quick mental lay out of the sprinkler system. From this layout we add up the quantities and types of sprinkler heads needed. We will use these totals to calculate our estimate. With these totals we will propose an estimate, go over it with the customer, discuss warranty, and answer any questions. The customer then signs the agreement, and we can schedule the work.

Once an agreement has been made, we will apply for the necessary city permits and get all of the underground utilities located. This process may take 3-5 days to complete.

Sprinkler System Installation Begins

The first thing we do is flag the property. We place flags that identify the location of every sprinkler head and valve. We then determine the best possible way to trench/plow the lawn. While the trenching/plowing is taking place, one of our licensed plumbers will tap in the water line and begin installing the back-flow device. Once he completes this, we will install the sprinkler system.
Once we completed the install, we test the controller, the valves and the entire sprinkler heads to ensure everything is functioning properly. When we do all of our adjustments, we make sure that no water is wasted. We double check the entire system to ensure that none of the sprinkler heads are spraying water on the house, concrete, fence, etc.


After we have installed & checked the system, we are ready to do the walk through with the customer. During the walk through, we turn on each valve to show the customer how each zone is laid out. We then walk the customer through all of the functions of the controller. We will never leave a job site until the customer understands completely how to operate the controller. If the customer has an issue operating the controller within the warranty period, we will gladly give them another tutorial free of charge. We also place a sticker on every controller that has our company name and contact information on it.

Our customers are the reason for our success. We have established a large repeat customer base through word of mouth and advertising. AgriScapes continues to grow because we stand behind our work and to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We exclusively use Rain Bird Irrigation Products. It has proven to us year after year, that their products are far superior to all others. Our quality of work, and the products that we use, allow us to offer the customer one of the best warranties in the industry. All parts are unconditionally warranted against manufacturers and installation defect for a period of 2 years. This warranty does not extend to repair, adjustment or replacement of any product or part that is a result of misuse negligence, modification, tampering, vandalism, lighting strikes, and power surges, freezing environment or any other Act of God.

Sprinkler System Installation Begins

AgriScapes, LLC would like to provide you with the Maintenance Services that are needed for your sprinkler system. Sprinkler system maintenance is preventative maintenance just like changing the oil in your car. Maintenance will prevent the deterioration of your system beyond repair. It keeps you from having to install a new system and prevent the costly replacement of a dead landscape as well.
If a broken pipe is undetected, the leak could cause your water costs to increase drastically, whether you have your own well or a water meter. By maintaining your Sprinkler System now, you will save yourself money now and in the future.

Some of the various checks, examinations, and adjustment that will be made are:

  • Run a system test cycle
  • Check entire sprinkler system for leaks
  • Check controller for proper operation
  • Check rain sensor for proper operation
  • Adjust Irrigation System run times according to season and plant growth needs
  • Check that electric solenoids operate correctly
  • Check for leaky seals in sprinkler heads
  • Check nozzles for correct spray patterns
  • Make notification to customer if any sprinkler repairs or alterations to the system are needed (Provide Estimate)
  • Schedule appointment for irrigation repairs if needed

Please call 901-854-2646 for more information on our professional sprinkler repairs and reliable maintenance service. Thank you for considering AgriScapes to insure that your sprinkler system is maintained and always in good working order.

Our Service Call Charge is $75 dollars. This includes up to the first hour of labor.

NOTE: We regularly complete many sprinkler/irrigation repair jobs within the first hour’s “Service Call Charge” time. However, some more complicated problems, or multiple problems on the same system may require additional time for completion. We complete 98% of our repair jobs on the first visit. If we do not have a part we need on the truck, we can drive to our main distribution warehouse and get the parts without holding up the sprinkler/irrigation repair job.